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ffording Coaching Services

10 Thoughts on How Can a Church Finance a Coach or Consultant

  • Pray about it and ask God what His will is.  God will never tell you to go somewhere that He is not willing to provide.

  • A coach provides a form of “continuing education” that is very important to your pastor or leader.  It is a wise use of funds set aside for “continuing education” to hire a coach who will give your pastor or leader personal, very focused time, energy and work on his/her effectiveness in your Church or organization.

  • Ask someone who is financially able to fund a coach for a year.  Ask the prospective coach to meet with him/her and you to share the value of adding the “input” and “resource” of coaching to your Church staff and leadership.  Many times someone will step up and finance this position for a given length of time, perhaps 6 months or a year.

  • Write down the value and necessity to have a Coach or Consultant  to move from a reducing to a reproducing Church and present that to your Session, Church Board, or Presbytery along with your present budget (expenses vs. income), and ask them to subsidize the cost of learning how to do Church better by learning new insights and different ways of doing things.

  • Consider the cost of doing things the way you have been doing it without fresh input and expertise.  Compare it to what  would happen to the budget if 10 new families joined the church in a year?   Can you afford not to have professional coaches or consultants help you move to a new level by developing a new vision that is filled with energy and a S.M.A.R.T. strategic plan that bring that vision into being. 

  • Once you have a clear vision or can write down your present strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams, you estimate the cost to move there and seek  outside grants and loans.

  • Consider asking your pastor, youth pastor, or leader in the church if they would like a professional “coach” to work with them for a year as their continuing education. Ask them to pray about it, discuss with a professional coach what the potential and value might be.  Then, seek funding as a part of your Church or organization’s budget. 

  • Ask everyone in your Church or organization if they could give $2.00 a month to hire a coach to come alongside your pastor or leader to help them be more effective.  Get everyone involved.  Think of a way to “brand” this important action as a very positive step forward.  When a person pays their $2.00 give them a beautifully printed and formatted prayer guide in appreciation and solicit their commitment to be a faithful intercessor as a part of their gift.  

  • There are many other ideas.  Ask people in the church to brainstorm how this important step can be fun for all, financed by all, and celebrated by all!   Many hands make light work.  Many prayers bring  great blessings.   Many’ chipping  in a little money, with much faith and prayer can move mountains  (Matthew 13:31, 17:20). 

  • Plan for success:  Consider the importance of having effective chairpersons and leaders in your organization or Church.  What effect does it have on a Church when key “Teams” and “Committees” are being led by ineffective chairpersons or leaders?  At best you will never reach your potential.  At worst, it is defeating, demoralizing, and discouraging.  The Church loses positive energy, enthusiasm, willingness of people to volunteer, and success (“fruit”) in that area of opportunity and responsibility. Don’t leave these sincere committed Christians with ineffective patterns of leadership.  Get them a Coach to help them become effective.  Put it in the Church budget under “Team Building” or Leadership Development” with the sub-heading “Coaching for Effective Visioning, planning and Implementation.”  Then, when you ask people to volunteer as leaders, let them know that the responsibility comes with a coach to help them be the best they can be.   Don’t let them fail; plan for success!

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