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Why Consultants are Valuable to Organizations and Churches
The busyness of modern day life and our culture’s fast-paced demanding society,  pressure organizations and leaders to rely more and more on consultants and coaches, just to keep up. Consultants primarily work with organizations whereas “Coaches” work with individuals.  
Two terms that are used frequently to describe people in our American way of life are “incredibly busy” and “very stressed”!  The average Church member or volunteer in an organization does not have the time or energy to help a struggling or ineffective staff person or volunteer leader, or an overwhelmed pastor or  youth director who may be untrained and inexperienced, or organizational team to develop their goals, create sound plans, have excellent people skills, and keep their lives in “balance.”  The consultant can also help busy people not lose focus on the crucial priority of nurturing their relationship with the Lord, their family and those Church or organization wants to reach or bless.  THIS IS WHERE A CONSULTANT OR COACH PROVIDES VALUABLE INPUT, INSIGHT, RESOURCES, EXPERTISE, AND ACCOUNTABILITY. 

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