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ife Coaching


God never intended for people to live life alone or to have to face life alone.  A good Life Coach is there to help you find “new beginnings” that enable you to experience a better life, a better way to handle your career, a better way to tackle problems, a better way to build healthy relationships and a more healthy way to live.  Whether you want help to simply live life well, to take an area of your life to a new level, or to help you tackle a problem in your life, find someone (a coach) you can trust, a coach in whom you can have confidence, a coach who truly cares, a coach who has the experiences and training to help you sort out the confusion, heal the hurting places, mend the broken places, and discover the peace, courage, and direction you need to face the present and enter the future with hope and strength.  The following recommendation was given to encourage you to take the next step toward "new beginnings” and a brighter future:  


 "Bill Stepp is a coach and counselor who is fully present when he is interacting with you. He hears you with his heart as well as his mind. If you are upset or anxious, just being in his presence is a tonic. He is the most pure channel for God’s loving spirit I have ever encountered. He is warm, accepting, nonjudgmental, patient, kind & comforting, and he has the experience and wisdom to help you put your issues in perspective and begin a path to healing. His personal journey, his decades of ministry, his experience running a school and orphanage and raising four wonderful boys of his own, along with his practices of prayer and meditation have given Dr. Stepp unique abilities to connect with & heal others. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

                                                                                                           ~~~ Carol J. Lewis



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