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eekly Devotions
January 29, 2012
By: Dr. Bill Stepp
Develop Your Relationship with God

 Develop Your Friendship with God

I am really glad that I have good friends, and especially that I have God as my best friend.  Most people do not know that Jesus, speaking to his disciples said, “I have called your friends”  (John 15:15). Abraham was called “God’s friend” (James 4:22). We need to nurture our friendships.  Friendship is strong, yet fragile.  People are “friends for life;” then, something happens; something is said, and a lifetime of friendship goes down the drain.  In my experience, we need our friends, and we need God for a friend.  Friends are never on an “on call” basis; or a “need to know” basis.  Friends do not live on the periphery of our lives, but at the heart of our lives. People who marginalize their friends, ultimately loose something valuable to them.  Two reasons stand out for my insistence that it is foolish to marginalize God (put God on the periphery) in your personal life, family or business. First there are too many situations over which we have no control and too many issues in life for which there are no solutions.  When one of our children fell and suffered a head injury, my wife and I rushed him to the hospital.  Sitting in the emergency room, I was plagued with the thought “I can’t fix this!”  But we had God as our friend, and we went to Him in prayer. Our best friend who “can do more than we can imagine” (Eph  3:20-21), provided the answer.  How do people get well when injured or sick?  Many speak of miracles.  Do you need a miracle in your personal life, family or business?  Is the cash flow too tight? Bills too many? Health issues too big? Plans for the future crashing? There have been many times that I have needed God’s presence and power to make the day worth living, and God has always come thought for me. 


The second reason that you need God as a “friend” is because God knows everything, is everywhere, and is all powerful.  How can a friend help you if the friend does not understand your situation, or is not present to help, or does not have the resources or power to make a difference for you?  God is a friend who is omniscient (all—knowing), omnipresent (everywhere), & omnipotent (all Powerful).  That’s the kind of friend you can count on!


In contrast to my belief, on January 30, 2012 the “Huff Post Denver” (the Internet Newspaper: News Blogs Video Community) reported:  “On Monday, the Boulder Atheists along with the Colorado Coalition of Reason (COCORE), will be putting up three new billboards in Denver and Colorado Springs that are sure to get the attention of believers and non-believers alike. The billboards will read: "God Is An Imaginary Friend - Choose Reality, It Will Be Better For All Of Us." 


Jesus is not an "imaginary friend"--he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Revelation 19:16).  He is watching you read these words and is praying for you at this moment (Romans 8:34). In a professional business training seminar, the instructor asked me, who are the stakeholders in your business?”  I answered, “my wife, my children, my clients, my Church, the people I depend on and the people who depend on me…  When I paused, he said, “you missed your greatest stakeholder---God!”  God is a stakeholder in your life and business, but He wants to be more than a stakeholder, God wants to be your “friend” and for you to be His “friend.”   Develop your friendship with God as your Savior and Friend.  (For help in this area, contact New Beginnings by clicking on the contact tab at the top of the page.  You will be glad that you did.  ~~~ your friend, Bill Stepp)


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