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eekly Devotions
February 5, 2012
By: Dr. Bill Stepp
There's Hope for Every Day

I can close my eyes and visualize the happy faces of clients I have coached who have been transformed from dark places into wonderful, beautiful people full of hope and joy.  Their smiles bring comfort and joy, energy and vitality.  They brighten up the lives of people around them and perk up the downcast.   I hope you know some people like that.  You can be that person to those around you.  Some of the people I have coached have lived in really dark, almost hopeless places, and the delightful moment for them was when they found themselves to be filled with God’s Spirit of joy, peace, and hope.  They realized that God was giving them enough “light” and hope within themselves to fill the dark places around them with light.  They also were delighted to discover that the “light” in them could be given away by the bucket-loads through a smile, kindness, or expression of faith. 

You may be facing a dark place at home, school, work, or just someplace filled with anxiety or fear.   Some clients come to me who have basically “given up.”   They can’t see any hope because they are focused on the circumstances that confront them.  The good news is, “The joy of the Lord is to fill the dark places with LIGHT!”  There’s no greater place for a flashlight to be glorious than in the darkness;   A candle is valued when casting its soft light into the surrounding darkness.  Just a little candlelight can overcome fear, illumine the brilliant colors in a dark cave, create a romantic atmosphere, or brighten a birthday cake.  Children, who are afraid, become playful in the candlelight.  God has created you to be a special candle to transform the darkness.  You may even be like the landing light on that Boeing 747 coming in for a safe landing.  The joy of the Lord is to fill the dark places in your life with light and to take your light and fill the dark places in the lives of those around you.  If you need light…hope for tomorrow.   God and His Word will lavish joy, peace and hope to replace worry, frustration, anxiety, and fear.  The Lord’s light is shining in you the dark places and shadows of your life.  Your light in turn is brightening the lives of those around you.  Remember, God has created you to be a light, to really “shine”! :-)   The happy little children’s song puts it well:  “this little light of mine, I’m gonna’ let it shine…let it shine; let it shine; let it shine…”    Today, for your business, your family, your friends, ask God to fill you with the Spirit of joy, peace and hope!  With God’s presence you can brighten the darkness, lighten shadows, and the dispel clouds that bother you.   There’s an old Gospel song:  “Step into the sunshine; get out of the shade; this is the one day that you’ve got it made; and you can feel yourself smilin’ way down to your shoes; step into the sunshine; find that great good news!” :-)  The key is to spell “sunshine”, “SONshine.”   Blessings to you and all you love from your friend,   Bill Stepp

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