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ur Mission

Our mission is to help people and organizations live in the best and most effective ways, in ways that provide healthy, happy, effective people and organizations.
The  mission of “New Beginnings” is to serve Jesus Christ and His people by assisting individuals, Churches, Sessions, groups and organizations to understand and develop their:

  • Core Values
  • Mission Statements
  • S.M.A.R.T. Strategies  (Specific,  Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Relevant,  Timely)
  • Strategic Long Range Plans

We provide:

    Professional and Executive Coaching
    Life Coaching
    Leadership Coaching
    Coaching for Pastors and Church Teams or Committees
    Consulting for both Church and secular organizations and businesses. 

New Beginnings Coaching and Consulting is skill based and spiritually enriched with prayer and important insights from the Bible and leaders in both the Church and secular business community.
All clients receive a customized process to meet their specific needs as identified through personal interviews and an analysis of the individual’s life or the organization.
Please look at the “Testimonials” to appreciate the scope and effectiveness of our coaching and consulting. 


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