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rocess of Consulting

What Does A Consultant Do?

  • A consultant functions much like a coach to the organization.  Whereas a coach relates to an individual, the consultant relates  to the church or organization’s board, governing body, or leadership team.

  • A consultant comes in when an organization or church feels stuck or in need of a fresh set of eyes to help them walk through a challenging situation. The consultant is someone  objective, experienced, and trained.

  • A consultant provides honest feedback, practical ideas, resources , and often strategic plans with S.M.A. R. T.  goals and objectives that are tailor made for the DNA, demographics, mission and size of the organization or church.  (S.M.A.R.T. planning stands for:  S= Strategic; M=Measurable; A=Achievable; R=Realistic & Relevant; T=Time bound)

  • Often a consultant will work with key leadership (Boards, Executive Teams, Management Teams, etc.) to help move the organization to a new level, transition to a new emphasis, or address policy, system, or process concerns.  OR

  • Consultants work with staff or Teams to address a specific area of need or move the group to a new level of quality, performance, production.   

  • Consultants may complete their work  with a final report,  continue to work as a coach with key leaders to see that the goals and objectives stay on track, or continue on an “as needed” basis.   The Organization, not the consultant, is responsible for holding people accountable to see that the plan, goals and strategies are in reality put into practice and followed, but the consultant can work as a “coach” with key leaders to keep the plans in focus as a top priority and help them have the insights and skills to be more effective.


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