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rofessional / Executive

 Why would an Executive need a "Coach"?  

One Executive speaks to the heart of the value of a good Executive Coach:  


“As an executive coach, Dr. Stepp has been invaluable to my success.  Moving from state to state or within and outside of organizations into new positions creates change and uncertainties.  As with any new position, expectations and organizational cultures may differ from an individual’s previous experience.  Often the leadership skills that made you successful to acquire the new position are not the same leadership skills required for success in the new position.  Having a qualified coach as a confidant and mentor can ease this transition resulting in a successful experience.  Dr. Stepp gave me the peace, conviction and confidence to grow and lead effectively.  He listens intently and takes a holistic approach to coaching.  Beginning with the end in mind, Dr. Stepp helped me to clearly identify my personal and professional goals and timeline to successfully achieve them.  …Dr. Stepp practices a spirit filled, goal directed process whereby he focuses on the mentee’s needs and uniqueness. He offers a broad range of assistance to facilitate goal setting as well as the strategies necessary to attain them.  Dr. Stepp has provided me with the resources, readings, Scriptures, and most of all, his example, confidence, concern empathy and prayers.”

     ~~~ Dr. Rose B. Bellanca, Provost, Northwood University/Florida Campus June 24, 2011


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