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"Dr. Bill Stepp is a wonderfully talented individual with academic and real-life credentials that uniquely qualify him to be a force for positive growth in the lives of those touched by his work.  He is a person of profound integrity who lives his calling with passion and clarity.  His story of personal and professional growth is genuine, compelling and instructive.  His credentials and methodologies are profoundly faith based. As a coach or counselor he is transparent and unambiguous.   Among Bill’s credentials is specialized training by the Stephen R. Covey organization, one of America’s most respected authorities on effective living and dynamic leadership, as a facilitator for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and by the Stephen M. R. Covey organization as a licensed facilitator for Speed of Trust.   I am honored to recommend Dr. Bill Stepp for your consideration."


          ~~~Charlie Smith - Chartered Financial Consultant and Investment Advisor Representative who is affiliated with Questar Asset Management, a registered investment   advisor firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is also a Chartered Life Underwriter and an Accredited Estate Planner.  Charlie has over 40 years experience in the financial services industry, having served as a financial advisor, agency builder, insurance industry executive in Washington, D.C. and as CEO of The Cumberland Financial Group LLC.)






“As an executive coach, Dr. Stepp has been invaluable to my success.  Moving from state to state or within and outside of organizations into new positions creates change and uncertainties.  As with any new position, expectations and organizational cultures may differ from an individual’s previous experience.  Often the leadership skills that made you successful to acquire the new position are not the same leadership skills required for success in the new position.  Having a qualified coach as a confidant and mentor can ease this transition resulting in a successful experience.  Dr. Stepp gave me the peace, conviction and confidence to grow and lead effectively.  He listens intently and takes a holistic approach to coaching.  Beginning with the end in mind, Dr. Stepp helped me to clearly identify my personal and professional goals and timeline to successfully achieve them.  …Dr. Stepp practices a spirit filled, goal directed process whereby he focuses on the mentee’s needs and uniqueness. He offers a broad range of assistance to facilitate goal setting as well as the strategies necessary to attain them.  Dr. Stepp has provided me with the resources, readings, Scriptures, and most of all, his example, confidence, concern empathy and prayers.”


          ~~~ Dr. Rose B. Bellanca, Provost, Northwood University/Florida Campus June 24, 2011





"Bill Stepp is a coach and counselor who is fully present when he is interacting with you. He hears you with his heart as well as his mind. If you are upset or anxious, just being in his presence is a tonic. He is the most pure channel for God’s loving spirit I have ever encountered. He is warm, accepting, nonjudgmental, patient, kind & comforting, and he has the experience and wisdom to help you put your issues in perspective and begin a path to healing. His personal journey, his decades of ministry, his experience running a school and orphanage and raising four wonderful boys of his own, along with his practices of prayer and meditation have given Dr. Stepp unique abilities to connect with & heal others. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

          ~~~ Carol J. Lewis





Dr.Stepp puts his practical experience,education, and people skills in practice with his coaching.I have been consulting with him about my law office for the last several years.His insight has been invaluable.He has been especially helpful in personnel matters.I certainly did not learn how to run a law office in law school.I am glad to have Dr.Stepp a phone call away whenever I need his insight. 
          ~~~ Louise A.D. Jones, Attorney at Law






“I write today to recommend Dr. William R. Stepp to you as a wise and learned student of the Church.  Dr. Stepp has been my colleague for nearly 30 years.  He is a leader in our denomination, has been in every leadership post in our Presbytery, and has served on many boards and committees of the denomination and other civic and ecclesiastical organizations.  Bill has an incisive mind and a gently and respectful manner.  I believe he would be helpful to any church and pastor as they think through future strategy and planning for a congregation…He has been a great friend and colleague as well as a wise counselor in thinking through the many issues I and our congregation have faced through my years as a senior pastor of a large PCUSA congregation.”


          ~~~Rev. Walter B. Arnold, IIII Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, North Palm Beach, Florida





Bill Stepp effectively led a workshop on Speed of Trust for our Covenant Group of ministers. Stephen Covey tells us in his book  Speed of Trust that "Leadership is getting results in a way that inspires trust."  It is also at the haert of Bill Stepp's seminars and workshops.  If you are wanting to build trust in your Church or organization, I highly recommend Bill's presentations, seminars and workshops on Speed of Trust.

          ~~~Rev. Kernie Kostrub, Pastor to Pastors in the Presbytery of Tropical Florida






“Bill’s leadership, input and guidance were invaluable to us.  His wisdom and experience came across clearly, encouraging confidence to act in a proactive way for the good of the Kingdom.  Therefore, I do not hesitate to strongly recommend Bill Stepp to any congregation as a consultant and spiritual resource.  He is truly a man of God’s calling, a gift to Christ’s Church.”


          ~~~Rev. Dr. Gary D. Cecil, Pastor, Palms West Presbyterian Church, Royal Palm Beach, Florida






“In my seven years as president of Thornwell Home for Children, I had the privilege of working with many people in all areas of child care and in observing the work of many, many more and I can say without a doubt that Bill Stepp was the most competent, most dedicated and the most unselfish worker I have ever seen.  He gave himself completely to the work.  He served as pastor of our campus-community church, Director of House-Parents and personnel counselor to most of our 200 plus children…His training methods were thorough and effective and his leadership inspired greater achievement by all.  Every life he touched benefited in many ways.  He is a good organizer, capable of writing directives and manuals and implementing them.  He could effectively head any agency in the Church and could serve as a Chief Executive Officer of a large corporation.”


                ~~~Robert J. Blumer, Former President of the Thornwell Home and School for Children





“As Dean of Campus Dr. Stepp supervised all activities of the home life of children whose ages ranged from pre-school through college age.  He coordinated this supervision with coordination of their school experience at the school on campus.  He supervised with excellence, social workers, house-parents, and other employees.  It was his responsibility to train these members of staff.  During his employment at Thornwell he was well prepared for the training activity by receiving graduate education in child care administration at the University of North Carolina School of Social Services.  He was an outstanding student…During his employment Dr. Stepp was commissioned to formulate and write an operation manual for Thornwell.  The manual has been in use for seven years.  It delineates the philosophy, organization, implementation, etc. etc. for all staff and children in their daily living.  It has received recognition by the South Carolina Department of Social Services as being excellent and covering in detail the operation of a children’s home…in thirty-five years as a Pastor supervising associates I have never been associated with anyone in whom I had more respect and trust.  He was, in effect, my assistant president who was most dependable and cooperative.  It is without reservation that I recommend “William R. Stepp for any ministry in child care which he chooses to pursue.”


                ~~~John Pridgen, Former President, Thornwell Home and School for Children




 An Effective Friend, Coach and Consultant to both Protestants and Catholics 



"Reverend William Stepp was our Pastor at Memorial Presbyterian Church for many years until my husband and I relocated to Saint Marys, Georgia.  Pastoring is not an easy calling, but Bill Stepp was created to be a Pastor.  Not only did he tend his own flock, but he was always available to those in need.  It did not matter if they attended Memorial.  I was raised Catholic before joining the Presbyterian Church.  My mother was a stanch Catholic.   During the last four months of my mother's life, Bill began visiting her and ministering to her.  He personified the Holy Catholic Ecumenical Church of Jesus Christ.  He removed the denominational barrier of Religion and gave her the unconditional love of God.  When my Mother was taken to glory, Bill Stepp preached the Homily at her Mass.  He never asked for any recognition or praise.  He was always there and still remains the backbone of our family's spiritual life as well as Life Coach and Consultant.   Bill Stepp is a man of God in word and deed.  What you get with Bill Stepp is the real deal!!!  I recommend getting to know Bill and then deciding how your relationship with him will enhance your life be it, Pastor, friend, coach or consultant!!!!"  


          ~~~ Elder Mary T. Smith, First presbyterian Church of St. Marys, Georgia

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